Bond's market

Ultra Performing Polymers can be utilized in a broad range of applications and not just as straight replacements for metal.
Bond's 3D technology enables the design and production of components that couldn't effectively be produced from metal.
3D printed complex parts would exhibit functional performance that's superior to comparable metal parts. 

Due to the special characteristics of the Bond 3D print technology and the ultra-performance stock material Bond will target
the following application areas.

1 Healthcare
a) Implants
b) Prostheses
c) Surgical instruments 

2  Aeronatics
a) Spares
b) Customized parts or low volume items

3  Low volume, high capital machinery
a) Low series or customized parts 
b) Complex components
c) Spares

4  Nautical
a) Offshore
b) Yachts and luxury cruisers

5  Automotive
a) Personalized vehicle parts
b) Low volume items for high performance cars
c) Spare parts