Bond's Materials

Up to now nobody has been able to print functional products from ultraperformance Polymers with properties that outperform steel in weight/strenght ratio. Bond's inventions are leapfrogging a prototyping method towards a fully functional production technology. This will enable the industry to produce functional parts form ultra-performance materials, as wel as high performance polymers like PPSF/PPSU, PEI, etc. 

Bond invented, designed and proved High Performance 3D printing i.e. printing the strongest polymers with high isotropic strength. This patented process is clean, produces hardly any waste or emission and does not alter or degrade the composition of the valuable stock material. These properties open the gateway to highly demanding industries such as Healthcare, Aeronautics and High Tech Systems.


Bond will enter the market segment of ultraperformance polymer parts in series.

Competitive advantages are:

  • Very good material properties, high isotropic strength
  • Better-than-market part accuracy and part size
  • Low batch start-up costs 
  • Broad range of materials
  • Complex shapes
  • Pressure tightness
  • Ease of use and process reliability